Anti-COVID-19: foreigners contribute

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Wayane Worrell distributes masks to a Hanoi woman. Photo: LS /CVN

Wayane Worrell, a 54-year-old British teacher living in Hanoi for 10 years, has been very concerned with his friends about the reappearance of the coronavirus in Vietnam. Together, they managed to develop a mask distribution and awareness campaign to encourage Hanoians to protect their health and that of others.
"Despite the discovery of the first case of COVID-19 in Hanoi, it was seen that few people were wearing the mask. I told myself that I had to try something to raise awareness of the dangers of the pandemic and how to deal with it. protect ", shares Wayane Worrell.
So, in early August, Mr. Worrell and his friends designed and shared a poster with 40 photos of them all wearing a mask. The aim of the initiative is thus to kindly encourage the community to wear a mask and above all to convey the message as quickly as possible.
After launching his social media campaign, Mr Worrell realized that more concrete action was needed to raise awareness about pandemic prevention. He then sought the support of companies producing and selling medical equipment in Vietnam.
Hoàng Thi Nhu Phuong, of joint-stock company P&U Vietnam, explains that right after learning about the idea, his company immediately provided thousands of masks. "I appreciated the goodwill displayed by these foreigners in Vietnam in the fight against the coronavirus. They made me want to participate and through this program I can thus participate in the efforts", she declares.
Hanoi-native Le Trung Dung, who also participated in the campaign, believes that the active participation of foreigners in Vietnam in the fight against COVID-19 certainly makes it possible to have a much greater impact on other working foreigners and living in the country, so that they join the fight or be even more in solidarity with the Vietnamese citizens committed against the pandemic.
"It is their love for Vietnam that motivates them to actively participate in the fight. They see our country as their second home and the Vietnamese as their family and friends" , says Dung.
"The Vietnamese government has redoubled its efforts. What we all need to do right now is stand in solidarity", underlines Mohamed Hamdy Salem Mahmoud El-Kady, an Egyptian member of Wayane Worrell's mask distribution campaign.
On the first day of the campaign, participants distributed nearly 300 masks to passers-by on city streets, encouraging them to wear them outside.
Production of medical equipment

foreigners, participation, welcome, pandemic, fight, joined, country, people, forces, detected, COVID, cases, Since, Huong, foreigners, these, displayed, goodwill, appreciated, thousands, provided
Poster made by Wayane Worrell and his friends in which they all wear a mask. Photo: LS /CVN

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19 Rafael Masters, a Briton living for 11 years in Vietnam, founded the group called "The strength of Vietnamese engineers against COVID-19". The latter brings together Vietnamese engineers ready to share information and experiences, but also machines and tools, as well as to make donations to manufacture products and fight the pandemic.
"Everyone can lend a hand. We will coordinate to manufacture the medical equipment that hospitals need. If the situation in Vietnam becomes and remains really stable and well under control, we can send our tools and equipment to other places. other countries much more affected in the world " , hopes the Briton.
Very quickly, his group gathered more than 600 members. Together, they have designed hundreds of anti-postilion masks with elastic straps. They also shared knowledge and techniques for making other types of medical equipment such as respirators and masks made by 3D printers.
Ben Betterby, an American stand-up comedian living in Ho Chi Minh City, has decided that due to COVID-19 in the coming months he will limit his outings:
"Staying at home is one way to contribute to Vietnam's efforts in the fight against the coronavirus. I will also organize free online English classes for Vietnamese students and pupils", he declares.
For his part, Olivier, a French cook in Dà Nang, raised funds from the foreign community to prepare 1420 meals for doctors, students and workers in difficult situations in Dà Nang and Quang Nam.
"I am not the only foreigner living and working here. Many others are supporting Vietnam in the fight against the pandemic. After visiting medical establishments or isolation areas, I think these aids are really useful." , informs Olivier.
The COVID-19 pandemic does not discriminate between Vietnamese and foreigners. Thus, the material and moral support of any inhabitant and worker in Vietnam, of all provinces and all communities, fully contributes to combating the pandemic while promoting solidarity between populations. Huong Linh /CVN
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