All Hilton Hotels in the US Will Have Peloton Bikes by Year End

All Hilton Hotels in the US Will Have Peloton Bikes by Year End

There is good news for travelers in the US who are concerned about their regular fitness routines. Peloton exercise bikes will now be made available in all Hilton Hotels. The company claims that almost all of their 5,400 hotels will now have at least one of these bikes.

Fitness centers in Hilton-based hotels including Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites, Waldorf Astoria, and Doubletree will have at least one bike by the end of the year for customers to use. A 90-day free trial of the Peloton app will also be received by the Hilton Honors members, according to CNET.

Betsy Webb. the global vice president of Peloton’s commercial branch, that there were 1.6 million Peloton rides completed globally in hotels, which may have been what prompted them to engage in a partnership with the hotel company.

Peloton’s Expansion Plan

The pandemic lockdown has boosted sales for Peloton since people are only allowed to work out at home, but since the lockdown was lifted, the company’s stock is down about 78%.

The partnership with the Hilton company provides Peloton with a mass-market sale, which could be the turnaround they need after the exercise equipment and media company’s sixth consecutive quarter of reported losses.

Peloton is expanding its market approach by leaving its exclusive, direct-to-consumer brand behind, and now has a partnership with Amazon. This will be the first time Peloton will sell its products outside its website and physical showrooms.

The products they aim to sell with the retail company include its original Peloton bike which can be bought for $1,445, along with its strength product, the Peloton Guide, which costs $295.

In addition to the bike and fitness guide, Peloton will also include branded cycling shoes, bike mats, weights, yoga blocks, water bottles, and heart rate armbands. As for apparel, customers can also avail sports bras, leggings, shorts, tank tops, and jogger pants on Amazon.

Based on CNBC’s article, a third-party consultancy claims that there have been half a million searches on Amazon for their product each month.

In addition to their expansion strategy, they will also start selling their products at Dick’s Sporting Goods, which includes treadmills, exercise bikes, and other fitness accessories.

What’s Special About Peloton Bikes?

The Peloton bike is a stationary workout bike that features a large touchscreen in between its handles. Through that screen, you can watch video sessions for fitness guides through the Peloton All-Access Membership.

Users may choose from a variety of fitness instructors for live-stream classes or recorded classes. The bike also has a feature where you can virtually ride with friends who are also sporting the Peloton bike, and has a leaderboard with achievement badges to motivate you to workout harder.

The Peloton app comes with their bikes, wherein you can create individual profiles so each person won’t lose track of their fitness progress data when others use the equipment.

Although, users need to use Peloton’s cleats to use the bike, and these are sold separately. The screens are also exclusively for Peloton features only, which means users can’t stream from third-party apps while working out.

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