All Held Items and What They Do in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

All Held Items and What They Do in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
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Whether you’re planning to compete in PvP or not, Held Items can provide a ton of boosts to your Pokémon’s effectiveness in battle. For example, a Pokémon with a Poison Heal ability will gradually restore HP if it’s Poisoned. A Toxic Orb, which badly poisons its user, is good for it.

Plenty of these items are even accessible in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet as early as Levincia. Below is a list of all Held Items in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, what they do, and where you can find one.

Every Held Item in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

List of Held Items in Levincia Delibird Presents

Held Item Effect
Adrenaline Orb Boosts the Speed of an intimidated Pokémon
Binding Band Increases the power of binding moves
Black Belt Boosts the power of Fighting-type moves
Black Glasses Boosts the power of Dark-type moves
Black Sludge Gradually restores HP to Poison-type Pokémon, but damages any other type
Covert Cloak Protects Pokémon from the additional effects of moves, such as flinching and being trapped in a whirlpool
Eject Button If the holder is hit by an attack, it will be switched out of battle
Eject Pack Makes a Pokémon with a lowered stat switch out of battle
Flame Orb Afflicts the holder with a burn during battle
Heavy-Duty Boots Prevents the effects of traps set on the battlefield (like spikes)
Iron Ball Lowers Speed but allows Ground-type moves to hit Flying-type and Levitating Pokémon
Lagging Tail Makes the holder move slower than usual
Loaded Dice Lets the holder’s multistrike moves (like Fury Attack) hit more times
Metronome Boosts moves that are used consecutively but only until a different one is used
Never-Melt Ice Boosts the power of Ice-type moves
Protective Pads Protects the holder from effects caused by making direct contact with the target, like paralysis from Static and poison from Poison Point
Red Card When the holder is hit by an attack, the opposing Pokémon is removed from battle
Ring Target Moves that normally have no effect will land on the Pokémon holding it
Room Service Lowers the user’s Speed during Trick Room
Safety Goggles Protects the holder from both weather-related damage
Scope Lens Boosts the holder’s critical-hit ratio
Shell Bell The holder regains a little HP every time it inflicts damage on others
Smoke Ball Lets the holder flee from any wild Pokemon encounter without fail
Soft Sand Boosts the power of Ground-type moves
Sticky Barb Damages the holder every turn but may latch on to Pokémon that touches it
Toxic Orb Badly poisons the holder during battle
Twisted Spoon Boosts Psychic-type moves
Wide Lens Slightly boosts the accuracy of moves
Zoom Lens If the holder moves after its target moves, its accuracy will be boosted

List of Held Items in Mesagoza Delibird Presents

Held Item Effect
Ability Shield Protects the holder from having its Ability changed by other Pokémon
Assault Vest Raises Sp. Def but prevents the use of status moves
Blunder Policy Raises Speed sharply when a Pokémon misses with a move because of accuracy
Charcoal Boosts the power of Fire-type moves
Choice Band Boosts Attack but only allows the use of one move
Choice Scarf Boosts Speed but only allows the use of one move
Choice Specs Boosts Sp.Atk but only allow the use of one move
Clear Amulet Protects the holder from having its stats lowered by moves used against it or by the opposing Pokémon’s Abilities
Expert Belt Slightly boosts the power of supereffective moves
Focus Band Lets the holder may endure a potential KO attack, leaving it with just 1 HP
Focus Sash If the holder has full HP, it will endure a potential KO attack with 1 HP (disappears after one use)
Grip Claw Extends the duration of multi-turn attacks like Bind and Wrap
Life Orb Boosts the power of moves, but at the cost of some HP with each hit
Miracle Seed Boosts the power of Grass-type moves
Muscle Band Slightly boosts the power of physical moves
Mystic Water Boosts the power of Water-type moves
Punching Glove Boosts the power of the holder’s punching moves and prevents direct contact with targets
Quick Claw Lets the holder move first sometimes
Rocky Helmet If the holder is hit, the attacker will also be damaged upon contact
Sharp Beak Boosts the power of Flying-type moves
Silk Scarf Boosts the power of Normal-type moves
Silver Powder Boosts the power of Bug-type moves
Smoke Ball Lets the holder flee from any wild Pokemon encounter without fail
Throat Spray Raises Sp. Atk when a Pokémon uses a sound-based move, like Uproar
Weakness Policy Sharply increases Attack and Sp. Atk if the holder is hit with a move it’s weak to
Wise Glasses Slightly boosts the power of special moves
Eviolite When held by a Pokémon that can still evolve, it raises both Defense and Sp. Def

List of Held Items in Cascarrafa Delibird Presents

Held Item Effect
Absorb Bulb It boosts Sp. Atk if hit with a Water-type attack (effect triggers only once per battle)
Air Balloon The holder will float in the air until hit (effect triggers only once per battle)
Big Root Boosts the amount of HP the holder recovers from HP-stealing moves
Bright Powder Lowers the opposing Pokémon’s accuracy
Cell Battery Boosts Attack if hit with an Electric-type attack (effect triggers only once per battle)
Damp Rock Extends the duration of the move Rain Dance when used by the holder
Dragon Fang Boosts the power of Dragon-type moves
Electric Seed Boosts Defense on Electric Terrain (effect triggers only once per battle)
Grassy Seed Boosts Defense on Grassy Terrain (effect triggers only once per battle)
Hard Stone Boosts the power of Rock-type moves
Heat Rock Extends the duration of the move Sunny Day when used by the holder
Icy Rock Extends the duration of the move Hail when used by the holder
Leftovers The holder’s HP is slowly but steadily restored throughout every battle
Light Clay Protective moves like Light Screen and Reflect will be effective for longer
Luminous Moss Boosts Sp. Def if hit with a Water-type attack
Magnet Boosts the power of Electric-type moves
Mental Herb Lets the holder shake off move-binding effects to move freely (effect triggers only once per battle)
Mirror Herb Allows the holder to mirror an opponent’s stat increases to boost its own stats (effect triggers only once per battle)
Misty Seed Boosts Sp. Def on Misty Terrain (effect triggers only once per battle)
Normal Gem When held, it strengthens the power of a Normal-type move (effect triggers only once per battle)
Poison Barb Boosts the power of Poison-type moves
Power Herb Allows the holder to immediately use a move that normally requires a turn to charge (disappears after one use)
Psychic Seed Boosts Sp. Def on Psychic Terrain (effect triggers only once per battle)
Shed Shell Lets the holder switch out of battle without fail
Smoke Ball Lets the holder flee from any wild Pokemon encounter without fail
Smooth Rock Extends the duration of the move Sandstorm when used by the holder
Snowball Boosts Attack if the holder is hit with an Ice-type attack (effect triggers only once per battle)
Spell Tag Boosts the power of Ghost-type moves
Terrain Extender Extends the duration of a terrain effect caused by the holder’s move or Ability
Utility Umbrella Protects the holder from the effects of weather
White Herb Restores any lowered stat in battle (effect triggers only once per battle)

Other held items in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Held Item Effect Location
Amulet Coin Doubles any prize money received if the holding Pokémon joins a battle. Defeat Trainers near Medali and claim your reward from the League Rep (he can be found near the Pokémon Center)
Booster Energy Boosts the strength of Paradox Pokémon (disappears after one use) Bottom of The Great Crater, 5% chance to be dropped by Paradox Pokémon
Cleanse Tag An item to be held by a Pokemon. It helps keep wild Pokemon away if the holder is the head of the party. Location is currently unknown

For more help with Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, take a look at How to get Sinistea Chips in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet and How to evolve Petilil into Lilligant in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet here at Pro Game Guides.

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