Actors gear up for ‘Kieu’ movie premiere in March

After more than a year in production, the full cast and crew for the film Kieu produced by Tincom Media were recently announced.

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Hanoi (VNS/VNA) -  After more than a year in production, the full cast and crew for the film Kieu produced by Tincom Media were recently announced.

The movie is based on Truyen Kieu (the Tale of Kieu) written by 18th century poet Nguyen Du, recognised as one of the country’s top literary works. 

The epic poem has more than 3,200 verses recounting the life and trials over 15 years of Kieu, a beautiful, talented young woman who had to sell herself to save her family.

"Originally we planned to make a TV series of 40 episodes in 2010. However, that was replaced by the current 90-minute movie, said producer/director Mai Thu Huyen.

"Therefore, I chose one period in her life that I think has the most attractive elements to put in the movie.

"The focus is on Thuc Sinh, someone who’s not only her saviour but is also deeply in love with Kieu. I want to attract the modern audience with a classic topic of all time, love." 

While the main characters are relatively new faces, those in the supporting roles have bigger names like People’s Artist Le Khanh, singer Phuong Thanh, actors Hieu Hien, Long Dep Trai, and model Le Thu An. 

The movie is produced by Mai Thu Huyen with the script written by Phi Tien Son. 

The team, composed of more than 100 people, travelled across the country for two months for shooting, though the pandemic greatly affected the production process. 

Other artists involved include producer/director Huyen, Meritorious artist Phi Tien Son as scriptwriter/director of photography, executive producer Tran Buu Loc, designer Vi Ngoc Mai, costume designer Thuy Nguyen, and music director Bui Huy Tuan.

With a voice deemed suitable for a historical drama soundtrack, singer Bui Lan Huong was entrusted to perform the movie’s theme song titled Kieu Menh Khuc and the music video will come out later this month.

Le Anh Huy, the main actor playing Thuc Sinh, is a Vietnamese-American. When invited to join the casting, he rescheduled his plans to fly back to the US.

After winning the role, he decided to quit his job as a hospital ultrasound technician to be fully dedicated to the part.

“After having talked to the scriptwriter, Mr Phi Tien Son, I understood the role so much better and was fully immersed in being my character," Huy said.

The movie will premiere on March 5./.
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