6 Vietnamese dishes among Asia's best snacks

6 vietnamese dishes among asia's best snacks

6 Vietnamese dishes among Asia’s best snacks

Fried spring rolls, crispy pancake, and summer rolls are some of the popular Vietnamese snacks featured on food magazine TasteAtlas’s list of the best snacks in Asia.

6 vietnamese dishes among asia's best snacks

Taste Atlas, an international food magazine, unveiled its top 100 Asian snacks, featuring six Vietnamese dishes.

The rankings, based on 12,825 ratings received until Feb. 5, placed Vietnamese snacks as follows: cha gio – fried spring rolls 30th, banh xeo- crispy pancake 53rd, goi cuon – summer rolls 57th, chao tom – sugar cane shrimp 73rd, banh ran – deep-fried glutinous rice balls 87th, and banh khot- mini savory pancakes at the bottom.

Fried spring rolls (pictured), called cha gio in the south and nem ran in the north, are filled with pork, shrimp, and vegetables like carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, bean sprouts, and glass noodles, then fried to a golden crispiness.

6 vietnamese dishes among asia's best snacks

Banh xeo are Vietnamese crispy pancakes filled with scallions, bean sprouts, shrimp, and pork or beef, made from rice flour batter with water, turmeric, and coconut milk. They’re fried slowly, folded, and served with vegetables and fresh herbs.

6 vietnamese dishes among asia's best snacks

Goi cuon, or summer rolls, are rice paper wraps filled with ingredients like meat, seafood, and fresh herbs, often dipped in fish sauce or peanut sauce. CNN describes them as “wholesome, easy, and irresistibly delicious,” listing them among the world’s 50 best foods.

6 vietnamese dishes among asia's best snacks

Chao tom, originating from Hue, central Vietnam, features shrimp paste wrapped around sugar cane, flavored with garlic and spices, and served with veggies, rice noodles, and fish sauce.

6 vietnamese dishes among asia's best snacks

Banh ran are glutinous rice flour balls filled with red bean paste and fried, often coated in sesame seeds. Additionally, a savory version is served with a dipping sauce made from fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, chili, and garlic.

6 vietnamese dishes among asia's best snacks

At the bottom of the list are banh khot, mini savory pancakes made from rice flour batter and cooked in special molds on outdoor grills. These pancakes are often topped with shrimp and green onions, and served with fresh herbs, vegetables, and sweet vinegar fish sauce.

Topping the list is Guotie from China, a pan-fried dumpling. Next is Roti Canai from Malaysia, a flatbread that is famous for its layered texture and crispy outer layer, followed by Pempek from Indonesia, a fish cake steamed and fried to a crispy snack.

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