5 Easy Ways to Watch Things Together with Friends Online

This wikiHow teaches you how to watch things with friends online. You can, however, share your screen on Zoom or Skype, but if that doesn’t cut it, you can use online services like Teleparty, Metastream, Amazon Watch Party, Hulu Watch Party, and Rave.


Method 1 of 5: Using Teleparty

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Get the Teleparty addon for Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You might notice that the link calls for “Netflix Party” but since the service has grown to play more than Netflix videos, the name has changed to reflect that.

  • Although you can use Teleparty to watch movies online with friends, you’ll need accounts for either Netflix, Hulu, Hulu+, Disney+, HBO NOW, or HBO MAX to watch from these services.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Navigate to the video you want to watch. You can watch anything from these services, as long as each person in your group has access to the streaming service.

  • For example, a person who does not pay for a Disney+ account will not be able to join a Teleparty that’s playing a Disney+ movie.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Click the extension icon. It looks like a “TP” in the extension toolbar that’s at the top of your page to the right of the address bar.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Click Start the party. You can also click to toggle the switch next to “Only I have control” if you don’t want others in your party to be able to pause, skip, rewind, or stop what’s on the screen.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Share the party. Click Copy Party from the drop-down when you initially create the party or access the link from the chain icon in the top right corner of the Teleparty panel.

  • When you share the link, those who want to join your party need to enter that web address in their web browser. Once they get to that page, they will need to sign in to the streaming service that you’re using, then click the extension icon to join the party.

Method 2 of 5: Using Metastream

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Get the Metastream addon for Firefox or Chrome. Metastream works with different video services than Teleparty, including YouTube, Crunchyroll, and Twitch.

  • Metastream suggests using a Firefox web browser when you’re watching Hulu since that works better.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Go to https://getmetastream.com/. Make sure you’re using the same web browser that you downloaded the addon to so you can control what’s on the screen easily.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Click Open Metastream. It’s at the top of the web page.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Enter your display name and click Get Started. If your main language isn’t automatically detected, you can click the drop-down box to change it.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Click Start Session. It’s on the left side of the screen next to a play icon.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Click Invite. Before you start the video or movie, click the link icon and “Copy” to copy the link. You can also change the session mode to “public” if you want anyone to be able to join your party or change the user limit from unlimited if you don’t want a million people in the party.

  • Once you have the link copied to your clipboard, just paste it in a message or chat to invite your friends. They can follow that link to request to join your party (if it’s set to “Private”). You just need to click the green checkmark next to their name in the panel on the right side of the page to let them join.
  • If you want others to be able to control the media, click the three-dot menu icon next to their name then click the switch next to “Toggle DJ.”

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Click Add Media. If you have a specific video to play, enter the URL into the text fields at either the top or bottom of the screen, then click Add To Session. If a subscription is required to view content (like Netflix), then all the viewers in the party will need to have accounts with that service.

  • If you don’t have a specific video in mind, click a suggested source, like YouTube, browse that site, then click Add To Session.
  • As soon as you click Add To Session, you’ll see the content in your watch party.

Method 3 of 5: Using Amazon Watch Party

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Navigate to the video you want to watch on Amazon Prime. Up to 100 people can watch a movie together using Amazon Prime’s Watch Party feature, but they each need their own Amazon Prime account or the ability to buy or rent the video.

  • Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported browsers.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Click the party hat icon. It’s to the right of “Watch Now” and is the Watch Party button and will start the creation of a party.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Enter your name and click Create Watch Party. Enter your name in the panel on the right side of the screen; this is the name everyone else in your party will see in chat, so make sure it’s something they will recognize as you.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Share the party. Click “Copy” under the link and it will be copied to your clipboard so you can share it with your friends.

  • To join a party, follow the link, enter your credentials for Amazon, then click “Join Watch Party.”

Method 4 of 5: Using Hulu Watch Party

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Navigate to the details page of the video you want to watch on Hulu. Make sure you’re using a supported browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge to create or join a watch party. Everyone in the watch party must have the same type of account or be able to access the same content to be able to join the party. For example, a person with the ad-version of Hulu cannot join a watch party that’s showing exclusive content that’s only available to Hulu+Live accounts.

  • If a party of 8 is watching a movie and only one account is the ad-supported version of Hulu, everyone will see the breaks where ads would be.
  • Other profiles from your account can join the watch party.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Click the icon that looks like a bunch of people with a play icon. You’ll see this button to the right of the watch icon and it is called the Watch Party icon.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Click Start the Party. You have to be 18 years or older to join or create Watch Parties.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Share the party. Click the link icon next to the link to copy it to your clipboard, then paste it to your friends. To join, your friends need to follow that link, sign in to Hulu, then click “Join the Party.”

Method 5 of 5: Using Rave’s Mobile App

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Download Rave from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Unlike the other services to watch online with friends, Rave will only work on your mobile phone or tablet.

  • The app is available for free from Rave, Inc. You can search for “Rave” by using the search bar at the top of your screen (Google Play Store) or by tapping the search tab at the bottom of your screen (App Store).

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Open Rave and create an account. You can create an account with Facebook, Twitter, or your Google account.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Tap +. This plus icon is in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Tap to select which streaming service you want to use and navigate to the content you want to watch. If the service is free, like YouTube, you’ll be able to create a watch party immediately. However, subscription-based services like Netflix require you to log in to your account to continue even if you’re joining the party to watch.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Tap to change the privacy. If you want only your friends to join the party, tap Invite Only; otherwise, anyone using the app will be able to join.

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Tap . This will let you share the link to your friends via compatible apps that are installed on your device (like Messenger, email, Instagram Direct Message, Twitter, etc).

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