5 Best Legends in Apex Legends (Season 14)

5 Best Legends in Apex Legends (Season 14)

Season 14 of Apex Legends has been, to say the very least, memorable. Vantage has added marksman gameplay to our diverse roster of Legends, giving us more variety to the mix than ever before. The chemistry on the battlefield right now is making for one of the best seasons yet. That is why we want to know who the top five Legends, in Apex Legends Season 14, who are making that happen. As a result, using these top characters will have you and your squad ready for whatever trio of Legends are thrown at you.

Regardless if you play unranked, or competitive battle royales, Apex is evidently more fun when you’re Kill Leader. Plus, it’s always a confidence booster seeing your team as the Champion Squad before dropping into Kings Canyon. So if you want to reap the rewards of both of those, we suggest gearing up your squad’s lineup with a combination of these five characters. As their abilities and moveset are making them the best Legends in Apex Legends Season 14. Want to know why that is? Read on to find out.

5. Gibraltar

5 Best Legends in Apex Legends (Season 14)

Good Ole’ Gibby, or more formally Gibraltar, has been kicking around Apex Legends since day one. Although it took a while before we all realized how badly your squad needs a supporting character. Now, in Season 14, support characters are the backbone of your team, and Gibraltar is one of the best to ever do it. His Shield Dome can still turn every lob sided gun battle into a winning fight for your team. Not to mention he can revive Legends quicker while inside it, as one of the many buffs to his character.

However, when it comes to the late game, Gibraltar shines brightest. When the arena is down to sample size, his Ultimate Ability is great for flushing out squads to fight each other. Furthermore, with his Shield Dome down, your team will be protected, and enemy squads will be less likely to engage you. Because it’s most likely a losing battle for them. Gibraltar can be relied on in almost any situation, and it’s because of this that he’s still one of the best Legends in Apex Legends Season 14.

4. Wraith

5 Best Legends in Apex Legends (Season 14)

Speaking of day one Legends, we have everyone’s favorite interdimensional assassin, Wraith. It’s no secret that the more often you can get the jump on a team, the better your chances of winning the fight. That’s why it’s advantageous to have a Legend who can quickly apply pressure to an opposing squad while you set up for position. With that, someone who can make a quick exit if things take a turn for the worst. And Wraith is ideal for both engaging and disengaging in both situations.

Wraith’s Ultimate Ability can also be a game savior for positioning. Especially if you combine it with her tactical ability, Into the Void, and loop outside and around the Zone for better positioning. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and many professional ranked Apex Players still utilize it. That’s why any squad with a swift and nimble Wraith in their lineup makes for one of the biggest threats in Apex Legends Season 14.

3. Valkyrie

5 Best Legends in Apex Legends (Season 14)

For players that love taking the fight to new heights, literally, Valkyrie is the go-to pick. And despite some recent nerfs in Season 14, her high-flying abilities still make for some of the most dynamic in the game. Her passive ability, jetpacks, for example, can give you the drop or flank in any fight. Evidently, this is why you frequently find yourself peppered by her from unusual angles, because a good Valkryie is always finding the high ground in battles. And as we know, the high ground always has the upper hand.

Sadly her Tactical Ability, Missile Swarm, has been nerfed so it isn’t as effective as it once was. Regardless, it’s still great for an initial engage, or if the enemy team is trying to get a sneaky revive off. The biggest takeaway from Valkryie, besides her unparalleled movement, is her Ultimate Ability, Skyward Dive. When it comes to bouncing the scene, Valkyre’s ult is one of the best for getting out of troublesome situations, such as those pesky third parties. As an all-around Legend, that can play both offense and defense, Valkyrie is one of the best Legends in Apex Legends.

2. Newcastle

5 Best Legends in Apex Legends (Season 14)

Like we said earlier, support Legends are the backbone of your team. And while Gibraltar may be one of the best to ever do it, Newcastle is currently the best to do it. Many players have this up for question, but if you know how to utilize him, he’s the far better support. His passive ability, Retrieve the Wounded makes it easy and effective to revive and retrieve teammates who are stuck in the hot zone. And his tactical Ability, Mobile Shield can act for some quick cover.

However, what separates Newcastle as the best support Legend in Apex Legends is his Ultimate Ability, Castle Wall. Now buffed with double the distance, you can leap and aim towards a target and slam down a huge fortified barrier stronghold. This is huge for quickly reaching teammates in the distance and providing support when they need it most. Especially when those dreaded third parties come in. That’s why an advanced Newcastle player, can often make for better support than Gibraltar in Season 14.

1. Seer

5 Best Legends in Apex Legends (Season 14)

For us, and surely many others, Seer is the biggest threat in Apex Legends Season 14. His passive is great for revealing enemy positions in close quarters. But it’s his tactical ability, Focus of Attention that is making him the peskiest Legend in Season 14 currently. Not only can it scan at range for enemies, but if you hit them it will also interrupt their abilities, healing, revives, will show you their health, and even track them for 8 seconds. Which you could say is a little overpowered.

His Ultimate is also very effective late game, as it makes a big dome that can track enemy movement and gunshots. And when the circles small late game, it covers a large chunk of it. Then again you can also just harass enemy teams with your tactical ability. Regardless, if it’s harassing or revealing locations for intel, Seer is the best for it, better than Bloodhound. That’s why Seer is the biggest advantage to any squad and the biggest threat to an opposing one.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other Legends that you think are the best in Apex Legends Season 14? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!
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