5 Best Easter Eggs in Sea of Thieves (2022)

5 Best Easter Eggs in Sea of Thieves (2022)

Considering Sea of Thieves boasts one of the grandest watery open worlds in MMORPG history, Easter eggs really aren’t all that hard to come by. Sure, you’re more likely to catch a few dozen sea bass than a hidden trinket or two, but the chances of finding such items are much higher than most, if not all modern single-player titles. Question is, when you’ve got an entire ocean to wander, just where exactly do you begin your search?

Fortunately, Sea of Thieves is an ever-evolving game, which means Easter eggs will always find a way to make it into each passing update whether we like it or not. Therefore, if you’re just about done with seeking lost treasure, and are interested in unearthing a new type of reward, then by all means, hoist the sails and make way for these five awesome Easter eggs. There be gold in them hills!

5. The First on the Ferry

5 Best Easter Eggs in Sea of Thieves (2022)

Sea of Thieves loves to immortalize its most dedicated players, whether it’s through an in-game monument, or a piece of scripture that other sailors can unearth when roaming about the open world. And one of the very first Easter eggs to commemorate one of its alpha players, of course, was the Gamertag inscription on the door within the Ferry of the Damned.

According to rumors, ‘Halllower MCMLXXX’ was the very first pirate to visit the dreaded Ferry, with a death that occured after just 7 minutes, 32 seconds of playtime. As a way to tip its hat to the poor soul, Rare decided to immortalize the player by adding a stone to the entrance of the Ferry, where all who enter it can pay respects to one of the founding fathers of the watery grave.

4. Banjo-Kazooie

5 Best Easter Eggs in Sea of Thieves (2022)

As a way to celebrate 35 glorious years of Rare, Sea of Thieves added a nifty selection of classic Easter eggs, most of which referenced the studio’s retro titles that launched back in the nineties. One of these Easter eggs came in the form of a rock painting, which any player would immediately recognize to be the two protagonists of the beloved 1998 Nintendo 64 hit Banjo-Kazooie.

If you happen to find yourself roaming the tribal lands of Plunder Valley, you might just stumble upon the famous rock that depicts a brown bear and his squawking Red Crested Breegull companion. To make things a little easier, try aiming for the eastern rocks below the central peak of the island. And while you’re there, be sure to snap a shot and share it with Rare. Achievement unlocked.

3. Viva Piñata

5 Best Easter Eggs in Sea of Thieves (2022)

Say, whatever happened to the candy-filled creatures from 2006’s Viva Piñata? It seems to us that, after Trouble in Paradise fizzled out in 2008, the fluorescent beasties bowed their heads and made way for the hills. But as it turns out, those very hills ended up being somewhere along the peaks of Sea of Thieves’ Thieves’ Haven. Or at least, so a certain Easter eggs suggests.

If you scramble your way up to the top of Thieves’ Haven, you’ll spot a rock that depicts several cutesy candy-loving animals orbiting around the sun. This is, or course, a direct reference to Rare’s classic faming simulator series which, like we said, hasn’t really seen the light of day since 2008. So, for a burst of nostalgia, be sure to hike your way up to the apex of Thieves’ Haven the next time you’re out that way.

2. Battletoads

5 Best Easter Eggs in Sea of Thieves (2022)

Another one of Rare’s tongue-in-cheek Easter eggs is the Battletoads reference, which was arguably one of the developer’s best games of the early nineties. As a way to celebrate 30 years of the signature beat ’em up platformer series, Sea of Thieves introduced yet another hidden panting, which depicts three battle-ready toads in a tribal coating.

To scout out the hidden painting, you’ll need to head over to Snake Island, on which you’ll need to ascend the northern cliff on the central summit. Although it is perhaps one of the tougher Easter eggs to unearth, it is one of the most memorable. And so, for the sake of claiming bragging rights, make sure you head over that way and bag yourself a screenshot or two.

1. Unchartered Temples

5 Best Easter Eggs in Sea of Thieves (2022)

Chances are, if you sail the open seas for enough time with your crew, you’ll stumble upon a hidden landmark or two. But play it for months on end for the sake of unearthing its every crag and crevice, and you’ll eventually find secrets that Rare may never have wanted its players to uncover. Or at least, not before a certain quest line has transpired, anyway. But, thanks to a few eagle-eyed pirates, a few underwater secrets have already been discovered, and a lot of players can’t seem to make heads or tails of what their purpose is.

There are three unchartered islands and shipwrecks that have been uncovered, which can be found at the following coordinates: L14, S16, and N10. According to a few brave explorers, if you venture through the underwater arch at S16, you’ll come across a stone alter, which closely resembles the centerpiece of an ancient temple. It’s unclear whether this location will factor into the main story itself, or whether its sole purpose is to knock its trespassers for six. Either way, it’s a pretty cool Easter egg, and definitely one that’s worth taking a look at if you’re headed that way.

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